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Requiem For Gringo copy

Requiem for Gringo (AKA Duel in the Eclipse, 1968)

Directed by Jose Luis Merino

Starring Lang Jeffries, Fernando Sancho, Aldo Sambrell and Femi Benussi

Requiem for Gringo is one of the most unique releases of the Spaghetti Western genre. Returning to his home town in a poncho made of jaguar skin, Ross Logan (Lang Jeffries) immediately gets into a conflict with Carranza (Fernando Sancho) and his gang, who have crossed the Mexican border and are holed up in a nearby hacienda. When his brother is killed, Logan plans a cold blooded revenge. Uniquely, the time for the final confrontation is set by the astronomically-interested Logan to fall during a solar eclipse. A Spaghetti Western loaded with ancient Mayan symbolism, Requiem for Gringo is one of the small gems of the genre.

Tom Betts, Westerns All’Italiana.

Disc extras: Image gallery, two trailers and the film’s English title sequences.

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