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The films featured are Days of Vengeance and Erik the Viking

G coverDays of Vengeance (Italy/Spain/France, 1967)

Directed by Mario Caiano.

Ted Barnett (Giuliano Gemma) is serving time for a crime that he did not commit when he manages to escape. He hits the vengeance trail in search of those who framed him and his targets include a local tyrant called Cobb (Conrado San Martin), a corrupt sheriff called Douglas (Francisco Rabal) and Dolly (Nieves Navarro) the girlfriend who abandoned him. The violence flows thick and fast when Barnett discovers that Cobb and Douglas are smuggling guns to Mexican revolutionaries.

Erik the Viking (Italy/Spain, 1965)

Directed by Florestano Vancini.

965AD: When Thorwald the king of the Vikings dies his treasure is left to his son Erloff (Lucio De Santis) and his nephew Erik (Giuliano Gemma). Erik sets sail for the New World in order to establish a settlement there and he falls in love with a native princess called Wa-ta-wa (Elisa Montes). However, conflict and heartbreak ensue when Erloff sends Olaf (Eduardo Fajardo) and Byarni (Gordon Mitchell) to kill Erik.

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