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The films featured are Black Jack and The Belle Starr Story

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Black Jack (Italy/Israel, 1968)
Following their successful robbery of the bank at Tusca City, a gang of villains decide to double-cross their leader, Jack Murphy (Robert Woods).  Jack is able to outsmart them initially but the gang soon catches up with him. After torturing him, Jack’s erstwhile gang members take the loot and leave him for dead but he survives and goes looking for revenge.

Black Jack stars Robert Woods, Rik Battaglia, Lucienne Bridou, Mimmo Palmara, Larry Dolgin, Federico ChentrensNino Fuscagni, Goffredo Unger and Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia and was directed by Gianfranco Baldanello.

The Belle Starr Story (Italy, 1968)
Belle Starr (Elsa Martinelli) is a cigar-chomping, sharp-shooting bandit who lives life as she pleases until the day that she loses a poker game to a local big shot, Larry Blackie (George Eastman). The ups and downs of their ensuing relationship prompts Belle to tell Blackie about the strained romance that she once had with the gunman Cole Harvey (Robert Woods).

The Belle Starr Story stars Elsa Martinelli, Robert Woods, George Eastman, Francesca Righini, Bruno Piergentili, Bruno Corazzari, Vladimir Medar, Eugene Walter and Remo De Angelis and was directed by Lina Wertmüller.

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