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Kelly Reichardt’s Meek’s Cutoff (USA, 2010) is being screened at the Autry Museum of the American West’s Wells Fargo Theatre on Saturday 18 February at 1:30 pm. The film, which stars Michelle Williams, Bruce Greenwood and Paul Dano, is screening as part of the ‘What is a Western?’ season that has been programmed by Robin Murray and Joseph Heumann. Further information can be found here.

A chapter by Timothy Hughes titled ‘“The Unheightened Moment”: Work, Duration, and Women’s Point-of-View in Meek’s Cutoff’, which focuses on the feminine and feminist aspects of the film, can be found in Lee Broughton’s edited collection Critical Perspectives on the Western: From A Fistful of Dollars to Django Unchained (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016). Further information can be found here.