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The Last Tomahawk : The Man Called Gringo

Wild East Productions of New York have added a new addition to their ongoing Spaghetti Western collection. Both of the films featured on this double bill disc star the Spanish actor Daniel Martin.

The Last Tomahawk (Der letzte Mohikaner, Harald Reinl, Italy/Spain/West Germany, 1964) is a retelling of James Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans that also sports the influence of the popular West German Winnetou Westerns. Which isn’t too surprising given that its director Harald Reinl helmed a number of key films in the Winnetou series. The film stars Spaghetti Western stalwart Anthony Steffen in his very first Western role.

Man Called Gringo (Sie nannten ihn Gringo, Roy Rowland, Spain/West Germany, 1965) is a Euro Western that was directed by an American, Roy Rowland. It’s a tale of small town intrigue that follows the nefarious activities of outlaws and vagabonds who are out to discredit a local rancher so that they can take control of the profitable Silver Springs Freight Company. In keeping with this set’s West German Westerns theme, Man Called Gringo‘s nominal hero is played by Gotz George who appeared in some of the best Winnetou Westerns.