The international research seminar series ‘Revisiting Cult Westerns’ was convened by Lee Broughton throughout 2014-15. All of the talks took place at the University of Leeds.

The Great Silence

Jesús Ángel González López, University of Cantabria, Spain: ‘From Cult Westerns to Transnational Post Westerns’ (4 March 2015).
Dimitris Eleftheriotis, University of Glasgow: ‘Ringo, Django and the Italian Western’ (11 March 2015).
Cynthia J. Miller, Emerson College, USA: ‘A Tiny Terror and a Bronze Buckaroo: Jed Buell’s Unconventional West’ (23 March 2015).
Thomas Klein, University of Hamburg, Germany: ‘A Hybrid Cult Western: Tears of the Black Tiger‘ (23 March 2015).
Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris, University of Paris Ouest, France: ‘Glorious Basterds in Tarantino’s Django Unchained: When the West Crosses the South’ (22 April 2015).
Pete Falconer, University of Bristol: ‘Sergio Corbucci and Anthony Mann’ (7 May 2015).

The seminar series was kindly supported by the Leverhulme Trust.