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Directory of World Cinema: Germany 2. Edited by Michelle Langford (Bristol: Intellect, 2013).

Directory of World Cinema Germany 2

This collection of essays and film reviews focuses on a number of genres that are specifically associated with German cinema. Lee Broughton oversaw the production of the contents of chapter five, which covers Germany’s long-standing engagement with the Western genre. Lee wrote the chapter’s introductory essay, ‘Western’, which offers a detailed overview of the history and the ongoing development of the German Western and he selected the twelve key film titles that were required for the chapter’s German Western reviews section. Lee also wrote three of the reviews: The Treasure of Silver Lake (Harald Reinl, West Germany/Yugoslavia/France, 1962), A Place Called Glory (Ralph Gideon, West Germany/Spain, 1965) and Apaches (Gottfried Kolditz, East Germany/Romania/Soviet Union, 1973).

The remaining nine German Western reviews included in the chapter are: The Emperor of California (Luis Trenker, Germany, 1936), The Desperado Trail (Harald Reinl, West Germany/Italy/Yugoslavia, 1965), Flaming Frontier (Alfred Vohrer, West Germany/Yugoslavia, 1965), The Sons of Great Bear (Josef Mach, East Germany/Yugoslavia, 1966), Thunder at the Border (Alfred Vohrer, West Germany/Yugoslavia, 1966), Chingachgook: The Great Snake (Richard Groschopp, East Germany, 1967), Trail of the Falcon (Gottfried Kolditz, East Germany/Soviet Union, 1968), Whity (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, West Germany, 1971) and Manitou’s Shoe (Michael Herbig, Germany, 2001).