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In collaboration with the 27th Leeds International Film Festival, Lee Broughton arranged, programmed and introduced an evening dedicated to the work of Sergio Leone.

Once Upon a Time in the West

Professor Sir Christopher Frayling opened the evening with a public paper titled ‘Once Upon a Time, the Western’. Christopher’s detailed and illuminating talk offered a plethora of little-known facts and insightful observations relating to the production and reception of Leone’s epic masterpiece Once Upon a Time in the West (Italy/USA, 1968). Particular emphasis was placed on the film’s initial conception – and subsequent function – as a “meta-Western”. This novel approach allowed Leone to build the film around a series of references to key scenes and specific narrative tropes from a multitude of his – and his co-writers’ – favourite Hollywood Westerns. The talk was followed by a screening of a digital restoration of Once Upon a Time in the West. The event, which took place at Leeds Town Hall on 20 November 2013, was kindly supported by the Leverhulme Trust.