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‘Spaghetti Westerns in Transit: An International Film Conference on Transculturation and Liminality’ was convened by Austin Fisher at the University of Bedfordshire on 11-13 April 2013.

Woody Strode

Lee Broughton (University of Leeds): Emancipation all’Italiana: Giuseppe Colizzi and the representation of African Americans in Italian Westerns
Pete Falconer (University of Bristol): Spaghetti Westerns and the “Afterlife” of a Hollywood Genre
Mikel J. Koven (University of Worcester): Corbucci Unchained: Tarantino and the Discursivity of Exploiation Cinema
Giovanni Memola (University of Winchester): The Importance of Degenerating: Gicca Palli’s Price of Death (1971) and Italy’s Own Way to Film Genres
Andrea Mariani (University of Udine): Genre Entropy: Dissemination and Colonization of the Western in Italian Exploitation Cinema (1970-1980)
Xavier Mendik (University of Brighton): A Bullet for the Genitals: The Cult Career of Tomas Milian
Aliza Wong (Texas Tech University): Italian D.O.C. – American Cowboys, Malaysian Pirates, and the Italian Construction of Other-ed Adventurers in Film
Mark Wheeler (London Metropolitan University): Spaghetti Westerns; the International Film Trade and Cultural Exchange
Eleanor Andrews (University of Wolverhampton): How Ercole Became Ringo: or did Maciste Learn to Tote a Gun?
Ivo Ritzer (University of Mainz): West Meets East. Spaghetti Westerns and Asian Cinema
Professor Sir Christopher Frayling (Royal College of Art): The Quiet Man Gets Noisy: Sergio Leone, the Italian Western and Ireland
Pasquale Iannone (University of Edinburgh): Pietro Germi, Hybridity and the Roots of the Italo-Western
David Hyman (Lehman College) and Patrick Wynne (Independent Scholar): Spectacles of Insurgency: Blurring the Border between Passive Audience and Revolutionary Witness
Thomas Klein (University of Mainz): Outlaws, Mercenaries and Ronins: Intercultural Transformations between the Spaghetti Western and the Japanese Chambara in the 1960s
William Grady (University of Dundee): Lieutenant Blueberry and the Impact of the Spaghetti Western upon the Comic Book Frontier
Rosemary Stott (Ravensbourne): Transit to East Germany: The Distribution and Reception of Once Upon a Time in the West in the German Democratic Republic
Iain Robert Smith (University of Roehampton): Cowboys and Indians: Transnational Borrowings in the Indian “Curry” Western from Sholay (1975) to Wanted: Dead or Alive (1983)
Drehli Robnik (Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute for History and Society): Italian Westerns and Austrian Experimental Film: Politics of Miscounts, Historicities of Misfits, Constellations of Appropriation
Orhun Yakin (Hacettepe University)Once Upon a Time in Anatolia as a Reverse-Frontier Experience in Neo-Western Genre
Q&A with the actor Dan van Husen