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New Release: Wild East’s The Ugly Ones


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New York’s Wild East Productions have released a great looking and extra features-packed Blu-ray of Eugenio Martín’s classic psychological Spaghetti Western, The Ugly Ones (1966). The film stars Tomas Milián, Richard Wyler, Mario Brega, Halina Zalewska, Hugo Blanco and Tito Garcia.  

Escaped outlaw Jose Gomez (Tomas Milián) returns to his home town pursued by a determined bounty killer, Luke Chilson (Richard Wyler). The town’s people see Gomez as one of their own and offer him their protection. However, Gomez is now a changed and dangerous man.

Special Features:

  • Audio interview with Tomas Milián
  • Interview with Eugenio Martin
  • Interview with Frank Brana
  • Alternate ending
  • Picture gallery
  • Four trailers